Civil War Greene Bolt Action Rifle

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Welcome to the civil war collectible Channel my name is Steve Munson and I am The Civil War guru and today we have in Here for evaluation is a JD green musket This is unusual musket this is the first Bolt-action rifle that was ever Purchased by the US government and was Purchased for Civil War usage they made 4,000 of these units in the US Government took between nine hundred and A thousand of them this was unusual Design it was revolutionary for its time The rifling is also unusual it is a Lancaster oval bore rifling style which Is really unique and the caliber is Approximately 52 caliber alright today I Am an area is my assistant isn’t the Number one grandson Brennan gold muscle And he is the assistant goober of the Day and he’s going to show us how the Boat actuates so Brennan walk up there And go through the motions and how it Opens up he’s putting his thumb on a Button which unlocks it Then he rotates the boat up pulls it Back and that opens up the receiver Now what son unique about a green rifle Is you have to put two projectiles in The first one in the second one because If you look at it please unroll it over Down on the side of the gun and you see Once you put a second in there that’s Right where the rear end of the Projectile is exposed and that’s right

Where the percussion cap will ignite so You have to put two projectiles in That’s not refer to fire okay Brendan Sit her down there now close the boat And kind of roll it over a little bit Pull the hammer down there you go that’s How you [ __ ] it just like it and you put A percussion cap on and then you pull The trigger and it’ll fire All right Thank You Brandon I feel About different directions and waving to Ground before you left Whatever your fans there you go yes Because we’re so unique and they were so Far ahead of their times and courts the Old establishment in government they Needed change and this was revolutionary And not many of these things hit the Battlefield but there has been a few of These projectiles that have been dug up On different types of battlefields and Most these guns are in incredibly good Condition as this one now this one’s Missing the ramrod and ramrod was a Tapered ramrod not a two of Grimrock and Then it had a cleaning brush and the Buttstock and when a cameraman gets over Here wolfing the buttstock button on the Back and pulled out the cleaning rod so They’re very complete but it’s a unique Design and it’s rare it’s less than a Thousand of these were actually accepted By the US government so I’m going to put A price on this thing today between 25

And hundred and three thousand dollars So from the old Civil War guru have a Great day

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