Civil War Burnside Patent Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge about an Original Civil War Burnside Patent Cavalry Carbine

How’re you guys this is Raphael from Shiloh real XCOM I hope you’re doing Well like my buddy down in Louisiana Says never had so much needed so little And I’m glad I get to be here with you Guys today we’re going to talk about Something that started out life in Liberty Indiana yep Liberty Indiana I’ve never heard of it Before this morning but the little Research I try to do I learn something Every day and that’s a good thing there Was a fella born in 1824 in Liberty Indiana he’s best known for his facial Hair but he was also a very important Political person a very important Military person and an inventor or today We’re going to talk about Ambrose Burnside and his invention that we have In front of us Burnside was born 1824 Liberty Indiana went on to go to the US Military Academy in West Point he Graduated there in 1847 served a little Bit went back home which at the time was Rhode Island he developed a gun and the Gun was a little bit different than Anything else out there mainly because Of the cartridge it used it looked like This it was shaped like an ice-cream Cone and that’s why they’ve always sold Well because they look a little bit Different they have a brass casing lead Bullet powder on the inside and they Load an interesting way this is the gun

That is the Burnside patent they load When you [ __ ] the hammer back you drop This is called the block and the block Is where you put the cartridge in to put The whole cartridge brass casing and all Its seats up against it once you raise That and you’re ready to fire all you Have to do is put the percussion cap on The nipple you’re good to go great plan And unless you’re bouncing on horseback People shooting at you and all kinds of Disarray going on He made over 50,000 of these well he Didn’t after the first initial bunch There was some problems and he lost the Contract that he thought he had they say There were some bribes and other things But that’s something for you to research Because you get homework today not gonna Do it all for you You get your homework go study it it’s Really neat story He sells off his interest in the company Before the mass production starts but During these guns were made 1857 to 1865 They made over fifty thousand of them in Various models and these guns are kind Of cool to collect because there is a Progression all the way through they Were trying to make it the best gun they Could until they stopped production the First model didn’t even have a four Stock on it then the four stock is the Piece of wood underneath the barrel the

Barrel gets hot if you’re shooting it The four stock actually keeps your hand From getting as hot the early model Didn’t have it the later ones did and The major production of these guns are The fourth and fifth model they made Five models people vary on what makes a Model a model because there are a lot of Changes in these guns and that’s Something you’ll have to research There’s a ton of history on them the Best quick reference that you can find As normal a Germans guide to antique Firearms mr. Flay Turman is was the Foremost gun guy in the world he Actually came into the shop one time and I wasn’t there and he wrote me a note And it said Rafael so glad I got to stop In your shop it’s wonderful I’m so glad I wasn’t there because I’ve got north Later when writing that my shop was so Cool And if it came in all I had was words I Got it on paper and I’ve saved it and That’s something that I treasure I’ve digress back to mr. Burnside and His carvings he’s best known because of His facial hair He grew these long chops going down here That people eventually would call Sideburns so you might not know he was a General you might not know he helped With a gun you might not know that later On he went to be the governor of Rhode

Island but you’ll know sideburns they Got his name and I just stuck with him See how they look Thank You mr. Burnside These guns were made to places they were The first ones were made in Bristol Rhode Island and Rhode Island was where Burnside was living it’s where he went On to be the governor the later Production and the heavy production were Done in Providence Rhode Island they Made a really good gun they worked on a Lot of the problems that the gun had one Problem that they had was that block That we talked about wobbled and it was Hard to get back in place So what they do they put a little guide Screw right here like that Damn it goes through and onto a channel In the block and that holds it in place As it raises it lowers and you know it’s A later model Burnside if you see that Screw on the side because that’s one of The improvements smart people not just Gunsmiths you learn from your mistakes And you move forward and by that’s Everybody’s failed a few times and if You keep working on it eventually you’ll Get it right every piece of coal if you Hang in there long enough gonna turn Into a diamond you just take a lot of Pressure so I’m halfway to becoming my Own diamond how about you guys the gun Um my caffeine will just not kick in This morning I don’t know what’s going

On these guns fire a 54 caliber Cartridge like we talked about like this One it fires from a 21 inch barrel the Earlier ones have a little bit Different lengths what’s neat about These is that they actually use a cast Steel barrel and they stamp that on the Barrel like this but most of the time You can’t see it because it’s still and It’s not easy to stamp into so it’s a Lot of times blurry or just not clear Fact also mark them on the top of the Block with the serial number in the top Of the frame like this you want to see Matching serial numbers a lot of times They get any changed because it was Interchangeable parts on these but you Like to see that serial number matching This gun has matching numbers has a Little bit of the original finish on it It has a nice boar and the boar is the Inside of the barrel you want to see the Lancing grooves of the rifling and you Remember what the rifling is for the Rifling is to help the bullet travel More accurately and they also make them Go a little bit further the back of the Gun has the original piece like this What’s that for it’s a saddle rating bar So that cavalry Minh can clip a strap to It to be sure that it doesn’t get lost With all the commotion that’s going on When you’re in battle the guns are Interesting they’ve got their own little

Design there’s nothing else really like These during the Civil War a lot of them Were fairly close to this one because of The cartridge They’re great cartridges until you run Out and when you run out yeah look Because it’s not like you can just load It and fire it like a musket but they’re Real cool guns and I’ve got a couple of Them on the side right now I try to keep Them because they’re always interesting By every one I can find it’s got a Little bit of money in it I like them And I like the Burnside connection Because people like Burnside Because he was so interesting he was a Union general he commanded a lot of Important battles there’s Burnside Bridge There’s Just lots of things you need to do a Little research on him interesting fact Actually in 1871 he was the first President of the National Rifle Association So his interaction with guns and gun Collecting and the importance of guns Was very obvious and it’s kind of cool To have one of the guns that’s Associated with an early gun pioneer Like Burnside I hope you’ve enjoyed Today I hope you have a great day I know This one was a little hurried I’ve Wandered a little bit but I got a lot to

Do today And thank you guys for letting me have a Lot to do today In the last few weeks these have helped Tremendously we’ve been having great Sales I appreciate you guys more than You could possibly imagine I was hoping That these would have a positive effect And you guys have made it happen we’ve Sold everything from bullets to uniforms I am so thankful for each one of you Because I didn’t know what I was gonna Do and you guys have helped me I hope You’ve enjoyed these I hope I’ve helped You a little bit by passing time I hope That when you get that chance that your Kind of people like you’ve been kind to Me because I see it I think I’m so Thankful for it I appreciate it I love You guys and I’ll catch you next time Have a great evening

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