Civil War .36 Caliber Savage Firearms Company Revolver

Informational Video about the Civil War .36 Caliber Savage Firearms Company Revolver

Hey you guys this is Ray PL from Shiloh Relics calm I hope you’re having a great Day I hope you’re all healthy hope you Staying away from each other and I hope You’re ready to hear about something That’s really cool from the Civil War Today we’re gonna talk about the savage Firearms or revolver these were made in Middletown Connecticut they’re made Starting in 1861 they made about 20,000 Of them with eleven thousand nine Hundred and eighty four of them being Bought by the US government they’re a 36 Caliber gun which is a good sized bullet They fire listed as a double-action But actually it’s a self cocking Revolver and before we show the action I Want to remind you guys always treat Guns with respect they’re not toys they Are dangerous weapons even the Collectible ones so we always treat them With respect we always handle them as Though they were loaded because you Don’t ever take a chance and you need to Teach the children that are gonna be Around guns gun safety now they are Actually a self cocking revolver and What that means is if you see there’s Two triggers one round trigger that [ __ ] the hammer back and then you’re Ready to go because it rotates the Cylinder with that action when you pull The top one it releases so it’s a self Cocking revolver it has a wild figure

Eight looking design to the trigger Guard the only markings that are visible On them up on top you’ll have the 1856 59 and 60 patent dates as well as the Production location of Middleton Connecticut and the savage marking most Of the ones you see don’t have US Government markings I think they still Went but not all of them Were stamped with the inspectors Initials and cartouche as’ and a Cartouche comes from the egyptian way Back when like a Pharaoh’s cartouche It’s just a stamp with markings inside Of it to make a designation of who it’s Representing they do show up with those Those markings make one bring more the Navy actually purchased only 800 of These and they have specific markings Sometimes they’ll show up with an anchor On the back of the barrel sometimes They’ll show you show up with initials On the cylinder sometimes on the frame And those bring a good bit more they Usually bring about 25 to 50% more for The same condition gun and condition is Really important on these guns because That mechanism look good on paper but Was not very functional because you can Imagine somebody’s shooting at your but You’ve got the gun and you pull both Triggers at once because you are Puckered up that pucker up will break That mechanism when you pull it with

Both fingers so with one of these goods You want to see that all the parts are Original They haven’t been replaced and two you Want to see that that action still works Because it is such a neat thing when Your friends come over to say hey look At this this is one of the most Interesting designs of the Civil War so Int the numbers match nope this is live I screwed that up if the action works if It has a pretty look it hasn’t been Messed with and this one is just a nice What we like to refer to as a Chocolate-brown good and it doesn’t have Any of the original finish left but it’s A nice complete gun With functioning mechanism this one is For sale as of today on Shiloh relics Comm for nineteen hundred and fifty Dollars it’s a lot cooler than most of The guns that you see in that price Range and we’ve got I guess right now I’ve got about a hundred different Civil War handguns for sale on the side all of The guns that I sell are pre 1898 and The ATF designates those guns as Antiques They are collectibles they are not Intended to be fired some people do and I don’t recommend it that’s why they Make reproductions these guns are pieces Of history pieces of art and I love them And I’m very fortunate to get to do what

I do and I’m very fortunate if you get To share what I do with you guys if you Have something that you would like to See specifically let me know I’m always Glad to accommodate if I can I hope that You have a great rest of the day I hope That when you have that opportunity you Choose to be kind to one another and I Hope that you tune in later I hope you Guys have a great day And I love you

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