Civil War 1851 Colt Navy

Appraisal of Civil War 1851 Colt Navy, if you have any questions email Steve directly at

The Civil War collectible show and you Have the Civil War guru here and today In for appraisal I’ve got several coats But the first one we’re kind of giving Appraisal on is this coat 1851 Navy and This is in a case it is in the correct Case and here’s the coat flask powder Flask the original coat 36 caliber Bullet mold cleaning rod and up here in The far corner here I’m kind of running Around with a cameraman here is a 10 of Percussion caps the original key to the Box and some bullets and on coats encase Sets the value of these guns is based on One simple thing condition condition Drives the price on coke farms and this Particular coke Navy here it has about Thirty to forty percent of the original Blues still on it and I’m hoping this I Definitely can get a lot of that you can See the blue and around and also two is On the cylinder you have your scene on There and it depicts you know a Pacific Sailing ships standard coke scene and Then another thing on case sets is the Quality of it this particular one has The added bonus of the silver box trap And that is brass and has been Silver-plated So the silver plating on there is still About 75% left on there because it Eventually wears off from handling the Gun this particular gun has another Thing you want to pay attention to is

Your screws when you’re evaluating them And make sure the screws condition means The screws haven’t been buggered up all The edges on the gun how sharp they are Will also lend to the value of the gun And of course last but not least the Particular case itself the condition of The case of this in so all these things Lend to the value of the gun and this Particular gun here being the conditions In all the correct accessories case the Value of this particular gun we’re going To put in between eighty five hundred And ninety five hundred dollars these Are highly collectible and in colts that Just hold another level of collecting And also one of them not forget the Varnish on the grips and it’s got 95% of The rizal varnish so it’s a great set And it’s hard to find them in this kind Of condition and it’s a wonderful like I Say it’s a whole different you know Segment of collecting when you’re Collecting coats and there’s there’s Thousands of thousands of books that’s Been written on coats so the you know It’s great easy to research you know the Serial numbers are all listed so you Know it’s a it’s a fun thing to collect Because you know exactly when they were Made and then a lot of times you can get Letters to where they were shipped to But that’s what the old gurus going to Put out there today now I’m gonna let

The cameraman get in and get some Close-up shots of this so from the old Guru have a great day

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