Civil War 1851 Colt Navy Pistol and Holster “Captured”

1851 Colt Navy pistol and rig captured during the end of the Civil War. If you have any questions or would like a free apprasal email Steve directly at

What’s a civil war collectible show my Name is Steve Munson and I am the Civil War guru today him for appraisal is a Really unique pistol and read the Pistols in 1851 Colton maybe it’s hosted In his belt And what’s it what has got me excited About this particular piece in for Valuation is the Providence on this Pistol was captured in January of 1865 At Fort Sumner New Mexico Territory and Fort Sumner was established to control The Apache in the Navajo Indians and we Assume that this particular pistol was Carried by either Native American and of Course we’d want to thank it was carried By a Confederate soldier because the Confederates tried to take over the fort Because all the troops were in the west Part of the eastern theater in the Western thicker of course so all these Troops had mental amount of men too Feminine and so the Indians try to Capture capitalize on them and so did The Confederates but let’s take a look At the holster itself this is what is Unique and this way leads me to believe This was probably carried by southern Soldier look at the holster it’s a Standard style poster for a 1851 colt Navy military version we can look at the End and see traces of the plug that was In there when these were originally made You had a plug sewed in the end and then

You had a flap on the top what’s unique About this holster is the star that’s Sewed into it which certainly wouldn’t Been done by Union soldier and I doubt If it’s done by Navy American Indian but you can see the Stitching here so this is truly a unique Little red hair and the belt and we’re Going to turn it over so you can see the Belt buckles and of course the pistol Itself It was hard used as you can see and There’s of course some replacement Screws somewhere in his life here but It’s a wonderful rig and it come out of New Mexico which that area southern New Mexico California area and is this looks Like you know exactly what you’d expect In you see Chandler so we’re going to Evaluate the pistol at about a thousand Of twelve hundred dollars but the belt Rig which is so unique because leather Is so hard to get and to have complete Leather and hoster rig all together with The pistol really adds another that at Least thousand dollars to it and one Last thing that I’d like to mention About Fort Sumner New Mexico that was The place that Billy the Kid was killed In the 1880s that was one of the last Kind of outpost of the Wild West so from The Civil War get rid have a great day

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