Cased Pair of Civil War Era Gentleman’s Target “Not Dueling” Pistols

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about a neat Cased Pair of Civil War Era Gentleman’s Target ”Not Dueling” Pistols

Hey you guys this is Rafael from Shiloh Relics calm I hope you’ve had a chance To go on to Shiloh relics calm lately Because there’s a lot of cool things I’ve just bought two huge collections I’m broke but I’ve got some cool stuff Coming so if you get a chance go on There and look around cuz over the next Couple of weeks I’m going to be putting A lot of stuff on there I bought several Hundred pieces and there’s gonna be a Little bit of everything Probably in every price range so Hopefully there’ll be something you Can’t live without and there’s a few Thousand things on there right now we’ve Moved out a lot of stuff but they’re Still really cool stuff on there because Every piece that’s on there I bought Because one of two things I either really really liked it or it Was something I could put it a price Where I thought it would move along Quickly so get it if you get a chance go On there and I know there’s a lot of Categories but there’s just not a way to Put them on there any better that I Found and a lot of people say why don’t You have a new items category it’s easy If those guys just put on five pieces a Week on a good day I will put on between 20 and 40 pieces so in a week that’s a Hundred 140 pieces it would be such a Long thing that y’all guys would get

Bored with it you’d never check back so I know you got to look around a lot but Maybe you’ll see something that you Haven’t seen before and there’s so many Areas of collecting in the Civil War Field there’s always something new and That’s one thing I love about it been 30 Over 30 years now I’ve been doing this And there’s still something new every Day so not many hobbies you can do that Most hobbies you’re in it for a year You’ve seen everything there is to see Not this stuff we’re going to talk about Some today that we hadn’t talked about Before it’s a set that you most often Hear referred to as that’s a Dueling set No they’re not it sounds good but They’re not their target pistols sports Shooting has been popular as long as There’s been guns because everybody Wants to be able to say that they could Shoot better than their buddy or Somebody that is not their buddy there Especially want to be able to say they Could shoot better this is a target Pistol set 1850s 1860s they’re not Dating So you basically all you can do is give Them a range of production the design of The guns they’re European most all of The high quality sets that you see are Your pen they just made really nice Stuff and a lot of rich boys running Around that wanted fancy case sets like

This because it would have cost a pretty Penny to have had these made these have Been refinished and they look brand new They’ve been redone but they’re real and You need to be careful because they have Reproduced some of these you need to be Sure as I always tell you know who you Get it from cuz you don’t want to get Five years down the road showing Somebody something that you paid ten Twelve thousand dollars for and they’re Like that’s really pretty but you can Order this from Italy today for $1,500 And you got to be careful just watch out Don’t let that train hit you especially When you have been warned there might be A train coming don’t stand on the tracks Okay These guns are cool real long barrel Guns check out the gun it’s even Designed with flutes on the sides of the Barrel all the way around They have standard percussion locks the Action works it’s got the adjuster for The trigger a set trigger underneath They have ornate engraving along the Breech the stock of the guns beautiful They’re fluted one-piece wood Nice-looking wood grip cap on the bottom And they have what’s known as a spur Trigger guard see that little design That’s a little flashy thing and people Like them because Jeb Stuart’s gun had a Spur trigger on it the lumati carried

And it’s just something extra that to Make them pretty because these weren’t a We got to get it in feet They were a it’s going to somebody with A buttload of money and we’re gonna make It pretty for them kind of good you have A pair of them and how do you know that They are target guns not dueling guns Because they did make some dueling guns One quick way is to look down the barrel If you see rifling it’s a target kind Dueling was a gentlemen’s game and it Was intended to impress the ladies not Actually to kill people most of the time The guys knew the other guy might be a Better shot than them so they use Smoothbores that wobbled and weren’t as Easy to target the in theory was to go And don’t tell Alexander Hamilton desk Because he didn’t know did not work out Well for him but most of the time they Were supposed to go out there they would Fire it would miss and then they would Move on because that’s all that was Intended it was just for show but Sometimes it didn’t go too well And I took my daughters to see that Hamilton play the other day or actually I guess it was last summer now since We’ve been entombed in Corona land time Seems irrelevant these days but took her Over there great play if you get a Chance to see it it’s crazy how they you May ever thought to do that but it was a

Great play I really enjoyed it amazingly Talented actors if you get a chance go See it now they make these pretty guns To target shoot you need to make a Pretty case to go with it so they make This really ornate elaborate wooden case Brass inlay on top brass detail work Around the front so you gotta have Something to go in it what do they put In it go glad you asked we’re gonna talk About that they put all the accessories That you would need to maintain these Guns they have a wooden mallet to work On if you need to take the barrel off They have cleaning brushes they have Cleaning rods they have if I can get it Out here they have an original bullet Mold and the bullet mold actually has Engraving as you see on the barrels of The gun because again it’s made for show Because these guys had enough money you Could afford this you have enough money To get it the way you wanted this was Designed to actually carry the powder For the gun you see here if you’ve never Looked into collecting powder flasks you Need to do it because it is one of the Coolest most diversified areas of Collecting of weaponry there’s thousands Of designs of powder flasks this one is What you hear referred to as a violin Shaped flask for obvious reasons but It’s got a and it’s all custom fit when You see a case that is trimmed out like

This they call that a French case Because it is custom designed for each Piece and it took more time a lot of the Cases of the day just have a partition That separates the compartments this is A frenched case and they’re a little bit Prettier usually we’re a little bit more Money but this set is really cool it’s Pretty and it’s about half the price of The what it would be if the guns weren’t Refinished and you need to take that Into consideration because a lot of Things this we don’t know why they did This could have been wrested and they Just wanted it to look pretty because Everything is still there everything Looks nice and so it doesn’t kill the Piece it affects the price but it Doesn’t kill the piece so if you get a Chance go on Shiloh relics comm check This one out it’s the only case Hummel Set dueling say the only case set of Target pistols I’ve got right now but I’ve got a heck of a lot of other stuff On there I hope that you guys are kind I Hope that when you get that opportunity Even if who you’re dealing with isn’t Very friendly don’t let their stupidity Take over you don’t let it eat you up Because you’re gonna leave and they’re Probably still gonna be stupid So don’t let them drag you A friend of mine used to say the more You stir it the more it stinks and

That’s the way some people are hopefully They’ll change and I hope they do Because they need to but if they don’t Don’t let them bring you down I love Y’all I hope you have a great day I hope when you get that opportunity That you’re a kind of people and Remember we’re all so lucky to have one More day I am so thankful that I get to Be with my family I get to leave here I Get to see somebody that I love and I Get to spend time and we all need to be Thankful for what we’ve got not Complaining about what we don’t because We’re all a lot better off than we could Be love y’all I’ll catch you next time

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