Canister Shot From Civil War Cannon.wmv

We fired 17 rounds of Canister from an original Civil War Napoleon Field Cannon for a study on battlefield archeology. Each Canister shell contained 27 steel balls 1.5” in dia that were painted a certain color and then fired out onto a field from various cannon positions. The cannon’s coordinates and the balls that were found were all documented using GPS Technology. The cannon was fired at various barrel elevations and at different levels of terrain. The data when analyzed will hopefully help archeologists determine where the cannons may have been placed during a historic battle. Please visit:

I do this all the time My guns are for do yeah that looks right Yes I’m gonna take the case and we’re Not gonna have the cardboard so we want To be able to reference at some point on The gun maybe that’s maybe the top of The front of these though I know they’re Like on the card over to you oh it’s It’s a zero it’s a zero How to stop I would have stopped long Before we got to zero Yeah I get the lay of the land which Becomes a confederate flag given stapled To the top of one of the posts all right You can’t get another one of these They don’t exist yeah see is the replica Of the fun-to-drive Darrell just got you Got a mustiness expounder bronze tube is 22 grand Oh and that replaced the south Journalist as founder to steal Was that cool or what moving wall of Flesh on the other side of the wall We’re ready I think so All right let’s go to the can huh yeah That’s part of the canister below me There looks like they are just about in The trees I hope they found some those balls Travel a long ways Okay well good isn’t fun the fine line Between am ya laughing dragged down what Easy All right I hope so well that’s when you

Want what we’re getting us Marilyn don’t Put that in you’re gonna have to just Carry that one plant itself yeah Want me to carry that one for you with The first I got it Carl Don’t blows to the moon please record Load get this gravity cannon yeah okay All right make sure everybody’s in arm Away ready Bart you missed a tree You You You

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