Bowie Knife Bayonet for the Whitney Navy Rifle made by the Ames Company

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about Bowie Knife Bayonet for the Whitney Navy Rifle made by the Ames Company

Hey you guys this is rafael from hope you’re all doing Well greetings from tennessee Today we’re going to talk about an Impressive Dangerous weapon from the civil war Actually this one got its beginning a Little bit earlier than the civil war Like a lot of pieces did Because there were a lot of people that Knew that a war was coming it was Brewing And that disagreement Was rampant so in about 1856 There’s this cat that’s on charge of This that’s in charge of this boat The boat is the uss uh plymouth The uss plymouth is a navy Ordnance boat and they were researching Some weapons and they were designing Weapons And one of the things that they came up With Uh was a large caliber Gun that would actually end up bearing The name it’s called a plymouth raffle But it was the brainchild of admiral John A dahlgren and the Dog and rifle also known as the plymouth Rifle Was made by whitney the whitney firm Same company that was Uh started by eli whitney who’s credited

With inventing the cotton gin Ain’t getting into that because that’s An argument y’all can do by yourself Uh but whitney made these guns They made a couple of different kinds of Um bayonets for them this one Is the coolest by a long shot in my Opinion Because this is a gun this is a weapon That can be used as a bowie knife or It can be used as a bayonet and it’s Massive They only delivered 17 about 1750 of These They did them from 1861 to 1864. The bulk of the order was delivered in 1863 They delivered 1 000 of them in 1863 And this is one of those 1 000 that they Delivered The knife itself is just massive And it’s deadly and when dawger was Thinking it up and and laying it out on Paper Uh he was talking about how it could be Used if up close Combat because at that time the boats Would still You’d have to go on board the other boat If it got that close and you needed Something to protect yourself up close So They used they intended to use this The gun itself big gun fire 69 caliber

Bullet Um so you need a massive amount Of they used a massive amount of brass In these To go with uh the gun They have this one has a full-length Blade They’re no fuller or groove on the Blades They are as you can see Just a massive piece i mean that’s That’s a lot of knife And it’s thick you can see how thick That Piece is so it’s a heavy a heavy duty Piece And the gun itself is massive it’s heavy And you can imagine this stuck on the End of it weights it down Who made these these were made you hear Me talk about them all the time because As i tell you they were the most Important Uh sword maker during the civil war the Amus manufacturing company in chicopee Massachusetts on the base of the blade The backside will have this which is Ames manufacturing chicopee Massachusetts The front side of the blade will have a Couple of different markings It will have the 1863 production date Like that It will have the usn for united states

Navy And it’ll also have a set of initials dr And dr is the naval ordnance inspector Daniel reynolds and he approved a lot of Navy pieces including these you’ll see It He’s he’s the initials that show up on The naval cutlasses of the day And he not only inspected the blade If you look on the back the big brass Handle It’ll have dr a cartouche of his as well So he shows up multiple times The handle itself big brass Lots of brass you can see in the picture That’s a lot of brass And they use a one-piece walnut wood Grip And along the bottom it has the cutouts To make your hand Fit better with the grip cool design Most of the time these are missing the Scabbard Because the scabbard was made of leather And brass like we’ve talked about Leather and brass good combination for Show But it’s not durable that leather Uh is going to end up breaking on you And it’s going to get lost So it’s cool that you have the scabbard With it This one has the scabbard has the good Markings

Clear inspection you need to be careful With these because Since the mid 1960s they’ve been Reproducing these And you’ve got to be careful because Some of them are very well made A lot of times you can tell by the way And the dye The way they’re struck and the die that Strikes them On those markings you have to be careful With those luckily some of them Most of them today are poorly made But there were a few people that made Them back in the 60s and 70s that used Really quality pieces and when you think About that that’s Uh 50 60 years old now so it has the age That you expect so as i always tell you Be careful who you get stuff from There’s a lot of good people out there That sell a lot of good things But if they won’t guarantee it stay away From it Because it’s a good way to turn a large Fortune into a small fortune Don’t waste your money go on the shallow you can see this As of the time of this video it’s still Available uh hopefully it’s gone by the Time this thing gets edited and put on Because i did buy that huge sword Collection of over 200 swords I’m gonna be writing it up this was

Actually in it uh it wasn’t it counted In the 202 But it’s a great knife wonderful thing Good thing for your collection Uh for the little Endnote i guess that’s what i’m going to Call the endnote for today In the end note for today yesterday i Saw somebody Er that i don’t particularly care for And i know we’ve all got those people I i try to get past things because I know like i said the other day hate’s A Heavy heavy thing to carry around but Sometimes we still Very very much dislike people i don’t Hate I try not to hate anybody friend of mine At a show one time i said i hate that Guy he says hate such a strong word So i severely dislike the person And i try not to i try not to but I got to thinking about it and i reached Out to him and I said hey things ain’t going to get Better if we keep doing this let’s try To do something positive let’s try to Move forward And we’ve got to start doing more of That Because of all the hate that’s in the World right now It’s it’s eating people up i’ve seen

People On uh and it’s on my mind because of the Election everything we talk about about The election But i see people on both sides that are Good people But they are so damned and determined That what they think Is right that there can be no exception To what they believe is right and none Of us are right all the time Nobody has walked on water if if you Think you can Go try it let me know how that works out For you But what i’m saying is we’ve got To find common ground With everybody there’s got to be Something And this guy i reached out to haven’t Heard back yet i’ll keep you up to date If i do But i said things are only going to get Better If we move forward if we move forward in A positive way we can be better people And we can better help everybody else Around us So today i know there’s everybody got Somebody that you don’t particularly Care for and you might not reach out to Them But take that step to getting closer to Be able

To mend because if you can’t mend you Never move forward So you might delete this one never think About it again But i hope that we all can make the World a better place Don’t carry that hate around hate is so Heavy Happiness is so much louder carry around A little happiness Try to lose that hate remember that Somebody cares about you I love you guys and i’ll catch you next Time

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