Biggest Revolver Yet? A 10-Gauge Colt 1855…

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This ludicrously huge handgun is actually a 10-gauge Colt 1855 Revolving Shotgun with a cut-down barrel and a newly made grip frame. The backstop and trigger guard of the shotgun were handily reshaped into a grip frame, and the finished product actually looks nicely proportional – until you try to actually pick it up, of course. .The grip is filled with brass inlay, about a third of which are missing (possibly from the recoil of actually firing?). Despite the rather poor finish condition, the gun cycles smoothly, and appears to be fully functional. Just the thing for someone who wants to make the Colt Walker look puny!

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Hey guys thanks for tuning in to another Video on Forgotten weapons comm I’m Ian McCallum and I’m here today at the Murphy auction company up in Pennsylvania taking a look at the most Ludicrous handgun that they have in Their upcoming extraordinary firearm Sale this is in fact I think the most Ludicrous handgun I’ve ever laid eyes on Personally myself now before you say it Down in the comments I know there is That Guinness Book of World Records Single Action Army thing that’s like 5 Feet long and 3 feet tall and shoots Bowling balls or something like that That’s cool that’s interesting I know There’s a neat story behind the guy who Actually built it however it’s not Really a handgun that’s a thing made for A Guinness Book of World Records record This is an actual functioning usable 75 Caliber revolver let’s take a look any Proper connoisseur of ludicrous pistols Will of course tell you that the colt 1847 Walker is kind of the mother of all Properly ludicrously large pistols so I Have a walker here original Walker Pretty cool pretty ludicrously huge and Yet this thing just really completely Dwarfs it so let’s get this little Pipsqueak out of the way so we can focus On this guy now one of the cool things Here is someone didn’t actually have to Create this all from scratch what they

Did is they actually modified an Existing revolving shotgun colt made the Model 1855 five shot 12 and 10 gauge Revolving shotguns they also made these As revolving rifles with obviously Smaller caliber rifled bores and those Are actually used by some union Sharpshooter groups or Damned Sharpshooters in fact during the Civil War this is based on the Colt route Patent a side hammer sort of revolver And this thing actually cycles really Nicely it locks up pretty decently for a Gun that’s as old as it is and it’s Actually kind of a clever bit of done Smithing maybe a little bit too formal Of a term here but Clergerie perhaps so They took the original back strap of the Revolving rifle Simply bent it down manufactured a new Set of grips that are actually really Nicely proportional to the gun itself The trigger guard was not quite long Enough to reach to the bottom of the new Grip so they added on about a 3/4 inch Section down here with the bottom screw The rest of the mechanical stuff things Like the loading lever latch cylinder All of this was straight off an original Colt revolving shotgun they just chopped The barrel down to something like 12 Inches long the whole thing weighs in at 6 and a half pounds which is about 3 Kilos and then they went and decorated

Up the grip and I have no idea what Significance all of this stuff is Intended to have but we’ve got a couple Names in here we’ve got some space on The other side for a couple other and Brass embellishments that have been lost Possibly like the last time this was Fired the brass just blew off the grips As a result we have someone’s name here Foley on the bottom of the grip three of The five letters are still there all Right I’m gonna try this it’s all off The table I think if I yeah if I tilt The barrel up I can actually [ __ ] this One-handed and then maybe there we go Let the hammer down gently just barely Reach it there but you can hear ah there We go you can actually do it so despite All of its ludicrousness this is Actually a fully functional gun like it Works this might have been made as Someone’s idea of a fun joke whether They intended it or not I think they Succeeded on that account however this Could actually have been used you know This is a functional 10 bore short Barreled short issue barreled shotgun Thing so why not you might think from Looking at old timey photographs that People in the 1800’s or the early 1900s Were all you know stiff necked and Boring and very serious all the time and I Think if nothing else this should help

Prove that no in fact they were very Much just like us today and there’s Always that guy who just has to go and Do that and here it is today so if you Want to know more about this check it Out in Murphy’s auction catalogue there Is of course also a plethora of cool Other stuff in that catalog to take a Look at hopefully you guys enjoyed the Video thanks for watching

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