Beretta APX Full Review- Nutnfancy

The Beretta APX does have some quirks. The fieldstrip is strange, the trigger is crunchy, it has a rising/falling safety plunger (shown), and its magazines are very hard to load. Get past all that and you’ll find the APX to be competent. In our testing we found the APX to be accurate, totally reliable [save for some non-LSHOs], and comfortable to shoot. It is high value for the price paid and it seems Beretta did indeed square this pistol away in terms of reliability and durability in preparation for the XM17 Modular Handgun System competition. It does not exceed Sig P320, Canik TP9, Walther PPQ, Glock 19/17/34, Steyr M9, XDM 9, CZ P10C or a few others in any area but it does at least meet and uphold their high standards. That’s saying something. If you’d like to add an interesting polymer gun to the collection, this is a good candidate.

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Let’s put some tabletop decorations on This one just came in a new variation of The pissed off owl deeds have been Asking for that for a long time how About this Just another dumbass civilian patch Afresh in the webstore designed by Tactical doodle and last suspect that’s A cool coloration the brown coloration Also available in 3d vinyl Brown it will Be interesting to see which one you guys Prefer I mean the brown versus the woven Patch hard to say how’s this odd Coloration that’s shown on tactical Which honestly these days we kind of Like in TMP I mean we still do the brows I still wear the multicam occasionally We pride ourselves and be mostly Civilian here these days just late is Cool coloration and then the very cool I Guess dude in an easy-chair wearing a Skeletal mat a skeleton mask and a mixed Drink with an ar-15 I could do this all Day if I wanted to TMP established 2006 This one will be popular I know it will Be I would say popularity will go hard To say I think these have always been Super popular probably these two and That one be my guess so no so we’ll see Webstore up the top tdys running it There you go Grv we’re going to talk about beretta Apx this is the official worldwide Tabletop review of this pistol is my

Testing complete phase when I bring my Data my thoughts of the beretta apx to The table something I may do more in the Future it really depends is post like I Did with the a px the Enfield shooting Video first so this is pretty much raw Shooting video with the crew and I we’re Making some infield observations it’s Not put to music but it shows what we’re Talking about on the gun and And comparing it to other guns perhaps It will usually be about 20 minutes Maybe 30 minutes depending on how much Footage I decide to roll in I’ve been Reluctant to do that in the past because I have felt that it dilutes my video Product and so people watch that and Then when the tabletop comes out then They go I already know about I don’t Need to watch it like we’ll see so I may Try it with a couple guns I certainly Did it with the Beretta and the cool Thing about doing it that way is I can Kind of get your guys’s initial takes And read some of your comments which I’m Going to do right now I started off the Comments by saying Jardine and I take The new beretta apx and run it through Some rounds in the desert we liked it it Was 100% reliable its lightweight it’s Affordable it doesn’t outperform any Other high quality 9-millimeter combat Handgun but it seems to be a good new Entry into the market we do some infield

Observations to nutnfancy so that was my Comment and I’ll have some great Comments all the way through I can’t Read them all all of them obviously Because of time I want to make this a Streamlined video where I talk about Features how does it shoot what I buy it But Camaro 25 said a slide not locking Back is not considered a malfunction put A new mag in rack to slide and you’re Good to go for all we know his thumb Could have been on slice top prevent him From walking back so I think we showed That on the infield that’s the apx adapt Couple failures to lock back on an empty Mag by the way that’s not unique to the Apx I’ve seen it in all kinds of guns And no it’s not because of the slide Stop was being ridden by the shooter That I know of because I never do that And it happened to me project Brian said Full review coming I want to see some Retta reviews from you badly px4 compact Carry a px maybe even a Wilson Combat 92 Px or maybe maybe I’ll review it and Then no one will watch it I don’t think It’s very beloved out there I could be Wrong Ribcor jr. says nutnfancy I would Consider the a px a go to war pistol It’s not– it knows what it’s made for She eats all the ammo you feed it men Fancy grv title a whole two four four One five says at

I am Glock question mark actually like That it’s pretty interesting might be a Little bit controversial if I did that Because you know if you have compare Everything to Glock some guys get pretty Excited about that there is some Conversation about whether Glocks are Good looking not good looking wicked Sensation says Glocks are the standards All pistols are judged off off of for a Reason I play with a px at impact today I must say I didn’t hate it I actually Liked the serrations it felt and it felt Pretty good in hand I’d never get give Up my g19 for any gun made to date so It’s him and I guarantee you there’s a Lot more that feel just like you with Good sensation Creek is solve says well The ribs on this one provide easy grip On the slide with without gloves even Winter gloves might look ugly but they Work like a charm when I tried the gun Someone else I don’t see his name on This page bill Fairfax of him says wha Time for a new HK bolt pistol yet Question mark like this like this very Glossy looking Jerome job something says A desert is looking greener that’s nice Yeah we got a lot of rain out there but Niz mo mam 420 says I dig the new Glock Etta surprised this didn’t exist 20 Years ago interesting straight white Male strim says manufacturers seem to Aim for cool and miss quite a bit these

Days Looks like beretta was trying to make a Cool-looking Glock but ended up with a Floatation device flotation device Looking Glock instead like you say too Much business going on the service Surface okay just a couple comments We’ll talk about that and let’s start Off with the looks not the apx i think Actually looks pretty cool I don’t have Any issues with the looks at all let’s Get this out of way does it look like a Glock well in the slide not so much I Mean we see these huge spaced slide Serrations from the front all the way to The back of the And at first when we’re shooting it by The way it just as an aside I wasn’t Sure I was going to like them but you Know shooting them it was fine and I Actually kind of like the looks of them They’re cool they’re different Understand this though manufacturers are Always looking to different Differentiate themselves amongst the Competition and you’ll see this again Before the video ends so a Glock is Slab-sided and they’re like we don’t Want that we want something different And they they did it with a px with the Slide serrations now various companies Will give you maybe some science behind Why they did it but in reality don’t be Fooled it’s mostly to visually

Distinguish the gun from the competition Create buyer excitement that being said This gun was a entrant according to my Understanding to the MHS competition and So it’s been in development since 2013 Did they put that on there thinking hey This is going to go to the civilian Market they would be dumb not to because So they make a lot of money off the Civilian markets and just ask you know Sig with a p320 that’s adopted by the Military now sig p320 sales have revived And are doing quite well for my from my Understanding because the military’s Opposite it’s always been that way so Beretta maybe said hey if we get picked Up in the competition make it attractive To the civilian market I’m just thinking Put over all the looks are good I like How the slide in the front is kind of Angled back a little bit that’s Different this part definitely is very Glock II as I’ve said that in the Infield dusting right let me look it is Very Glock II now that’s a good thing Because I love the Glock trigger guard In as much I like the flat face on it Yes I’ve always said that and apx Actually has a room your trigger guard In the Glock so thumbs up to beretta for Doing that because I get some rub on the Bottom here not a big deal I’m not Saying it is but here with a beretta we Have more room as far as a top goes

Again we’re just kind of looking at Looks and aesthetics right here it looks Very good A key just like the comment said right I Mean you guys are on this you don’t need Me to tell you this you hear all the Comment centers a lot more I could talk About you know saying how similar it is Two o’clock and it kind of is in some Respects trigger-guard area maybe the Top but in other ways not so much it Kind of is some creatures I like to look So looks are very subjective I mean I Said I did not like the Ruger American Pistol I’ll totally stick with that and I don’t think that gun as I predicted is Selling well at all I think it’s just kind of sitting on the Counter that’s what I said then I’ll Stick with that by the way this is going To comment in different colorations for The grip frame housings of the beretta Apx they initially released of course The all-black version but I’ve seen OD Flat desert earth and gray grip grip Frame housings that you can put on your Knee px so you can change it AA Sig p250 because you have a serialized Chassis which you can see in here the Serial number buried inside so that’s The actual firearm which is a smart Thing to do if and when you want to Change grip frame housings and now I’ve Always said that too is a marketing

Thing I don’t think most guys are going To do it I think you just can buy in This case the a px run it as is and they Will never buy another frame housing if You want to do caliber conversions and Different colorations I just don’t see a Lot of guys doing that like a Glock Right it is a selling point however Maybe there are some out there in some Locales aware and this is where it is Advantageous to have this that you can Only have a license for one serial Number then it would make more sense so You can maybe put a compact frame on it Medium size frame large frame on it and Then but this is the only you know Registered firearm in that locality or In that country so maybe that’s what They’re thinking about oh I totally got Them killed that Matt flying around Sweet philosophy of use will be standard I’m not going to cover that you know What it is it was again designed as a Service pistol they tested the heck out Of the beretta APX Tons and tons so it’s got it should have A really good track record upcoming in The hands of civilians because this is Not arriving to market willy-nilly I Have no doubt whatsoever that what Brett Is saying about this gun about the Changes and subsequent generations and Its final issuance here in 2017 no doubt I think like that one commenter said

It’s go to already I agree with that I Think this is a very squared away pistol I’m going to give full credit to beretta This is not something hokey it’s not Something that can be easily written off As just you know just kind of something Stupid just to throw it at the market And see if it sticks like some gun Companies will do I think it is a solid Pistol from our shooting that was born Out as well feature sawed one thing it Is a little bit heavier than the Glock It’s always been my standard measure A Glock 17 I think is like twenty four And a half ounces this is 28 ounces That’s okay I like a lot of guns that Are round 30 ounces I mean that Smith And Wesson M&P m2o That’s around 29 30 ounces granted That’s a long slide version but I love That kind of not and I love SIG’s too so I think the weights in the ballpark but When it comes down to watching ounces if You’re carrying an extreme loadout level 4 loadout then you know 4 ounces is 4 Ounces 3 if you want to call it that it Is what it is looked at the slide Serrations already I didn’t have any Holsters to run it in I was making a Comment on the infield shooting portion Will this shred a great grill stirs Sites now this portion here is the one That’s going to be going in now the Holster I think it won’t buy I just

Don’t know because if you kind of tweak It a little bit and this is rubbing Against your kayaks kayaks you might Chew it up I do still have that concern And we didn’t have a holster available Specifically for this gun so we didn’t Really have that data the width of the Slide is going to be if I’m looking at The ambidextrous slide lock right here By the laces on the left side right side For lefties like Jardine it’s overall The width is very similar to Glock but If I measure it right here it’s just a Little bit wider 33 millimeters wide Looking at the sites right here I like The site they’re made of steel Some people complain Glocks are made of Polymer they don’t like it I just never Seen the plastic sight to be a problem And except with police officers who run Them pretty hard and use it as a duty Pistol over the span of years I have Seen a warrant down on those guns but Civilians not so much that being said I Do myself like metal sites they don’t Weigh hardly anything so you might as Well go that I like the larger milled Dovetails of the apx those are cool Standard 3 dot variety you know I think Other sites will be made available and I Predict this gun will be a seller for Beretta so I think if and when you do Buy a beretta APX Going to find accessories for it you’ll

Find sites for it as well now this is Something interesting it’s kind of like The m9 in 92s with a raising firing pin Block when I shot the military and I Shot competitively was in the guard that Is and I always notice it I actually Like shooting the m9 I don’t love it but But I could deal with it and at the time I couldn’t get authorization shoot my M11 so I’d run it in mine but you’ll see This has kind of that same dynamic is You have this safety plunger kind of Riding up kind of show what you’re doing Right you know it’s kind of a rising and Falling safety plunger is that obnoxious Well if you look at the site it’s Actually completely occluded by the Sights you don’t notice that nor did I When I was shooting it ok I didn’t Notice so it’s just a whoof do you think It’s just kind of odd you know I heard Someone talking about well if I want to Mill out a a platform for a red dot Sight it would like impinge upon that Base it be a problem I like iron sights Generally but some competitors like it I Suspect beretta will come out of a px Version that will have a milled out Portion for a red dot or reflex sight Already on it Going from here we have a standard Picatinny rail and we’re to look at the Milling again I’ll The billing on the slide and how it’s

Just kind of ducted back it’s just it’s Cool Good rail undercut here that’s pretty Standard easily reversed magazine catch For lefties so this is really a good Lefty pistol APX More so than some other designs because You can swap that back you already have A slide release later on they’re going To come out with ambidextrous safety Versions of a px for certain I guess States that require it stupid if you ask Me but whatever we’ve been dealing with That forever The magazine a button itself is tear Dropped it’s metal and I really liked it I didn’t notice any problems at all Along with this gun being shot I was Testing a FN F 509 and on that magazine Release button it is kind of recessed so It was a little just a tiny bit harder To access in this one this one has no Issues at all the grip is excellent I Really like it so it’s almost like laser Stippling on the side and this portion Right here is the back strap I’ll call It the back strap module and you can Swap that out so you got like 14 lines Per inch on the back good traction here Nothing here and I think a lot of Shooters like that they don’t want like Texturing right here and I agree with That because you just kind of want Because you’re moving your thumb back

And forth a lot maybe you’re rotating it And moving on it’ll just kind of abrade Your thumb if you don’t have gloves on In our infield shooting you’ll see it in Inset footage or overlay footage we do Run gloves out there not to be cool it’s Just for safety because we shred our Hands we’re loading a lot We’re on wood we’re on the dirt vauxhall Of steel it gloves are just mandatory It’s not not even the realm of not being Needed and our fingers all blown out I’m Talking the gloves of the fingers Because we load so much they just don’t Last I don’t care what glove it is now Interchanging this back strap plate here Is kind of a hassle and I’m not going to Do it for time but I’ll reference the Manual which I really like the manual I Think it’s pretty decent and I in here Somewhere here you go so changing the Back straps I hear it is a pain in the butt I did Not do it I’m not going to waste time But they say it’s not easy to do and so Think twice before you do it and it’s More tedious than it has to be that’s Kind of universal on a px from front I’ve studied so far why do they make it So complicated oh you know and it is an Interchangeable grip frame why do we Need an interchangeable backstraps System so that’s just what they did just What they did the trigger it’s ok I

Don’t think the apx triggers anything Special on my trigger scale it pulls at A very crunchy indistinct seven pounds They will talk about the reset being a Very short three millimeters and it Seemed short I just I don’t know the Trigger was just now I forgot we said infield you know I Think we’re saying that and it’s not Always consistent so sometimes I’ll take Something and feel then in subsequent Outings I change my mind on it maybe I’m Shooting in indoor range have more time Add less distraction so I can Concentrate on the pool better I don’t Know but if I remember I got super Impressed on the trigger well and here Comes a Glock comparison deal with it The Glock trigger I’d much prefer over The apex apx trigger I’d much prefer It’s not even close another thing I love About the Glock over this one we have The paddle blade in the trigger and it Almost completely recesses into the Trigger so we’re really not feeling it Granted you have this portion protruding On the apx it’s almost completely why Should say it’s that big of a deal it Really is a minor concern but you can See it it’s just kind of visible I don’t Want to make a big big deal that but I Am going to leave that in because it’s Interesting interesting other points on This how does it feel in hand I actually

Like it I think it feels great the Traction the grip angle all that’s good I’ll see any any problems with it at all Now is it my most favorite grip ever no But I would say to be honest neither is The Glock the Glock is not my most Favorite grip ever probably if Ppq or the canik tp9 i think those are Great grips they’re awesome I mean They’re just super comfortable I think But that’s me it doesn’t mean I can’t Chew them all I think we should adapt to It we’re just talking nitpicking This stuff how about the magazines Well the firepower is totally decent It’s on points at 17 plus one and nine Mil you get the forty 15 plus one They’re 21 rounders coming I don’t think You’ll have a problem gimme max for it We do have the mag retention slot right Here set up for the Andy mag release Probably made by MEK gar which are Awesome italian-made magazine there’s Your base plate labeled accordingly has A nice interesting and very clean Presentation when it’s inserted with a Little bit of flair out here did you Have some minor very shallow finger Grooves on the AP expa soda you do on The Gen 4 Glock do I mind them ass I’ve Learned to live with them I prefer not To have them a lot of guys will mill Those off on Glocks just because the Magazines however here’s a negative

Thing are very hard to load I mean they Are ridiculous how hard they are to load The spring in these things is insane I Understand you want positive feeding but Damn it’s 50 it’s almost too much yeah We weren’t digging it so much cold Hammer-forged barrel if I didn’t say so Super high quality having shot the bread Series in the military for years and Seeing these guns cleaned after Thousands and thousands of rounds I can Attest a barrel quality from beretta You’ll see that an accuracy – these are Really good barrels of no doubt in my Mind that takes us to kind of a minor Downside again and that’s field-strip And I’ll probably screwed up because It’s kind of non-standard so the big Thing is you know not the big thing but Some guys complained hey I don’t like Pulling my trigger Prior to field-strip I’ve never had a Problem with it that was will roll with That and then we’re going to push to Field-strip it we’re going to push this Button really hard and that’s the issue Is that it’s kind of a hard press and Then you wrote Eight this around and then you got to Keep holding it and now we’re going to Release this i’m just trigger that’s Easier there you go and that does it it To me it’s just a little bit more Complicated than it needs to be it

Really makes me wonder if this was Adopted by the military the military Woulda dug it I mean the m9 series is Easy to feel strip it’s super easy um You know a monkey can do this one too I’m not saying it but it’s just I don’t Know a little bit more complicated it Needs to be There’s your bird’s nest of a recoil Spring but again beretta will say hey That recoil spring is going to last four Times longer than a normal recoil spring Is what they’re saying quick look at the Barrel it’s just different I mean it’s Not a huge deal and then we’re going to Look at the stainless steel chassis here In a second too but right now big slide Rails just like you see in the sig Series like the 320 and the 250 it’s Very similar to that now if you want to Jump in your manual and find out how to Change out those grip modules of getting The manual Griese not good on a loaner Pistol thanks to gun ease by the way the Great American gun store for loaning me To a px for review their contact Information is below if you’re going to Buy it buy it from them if you want to Support what’s going on here If you don’t carrier okay maybe the gun Show goes away just saying there you go There’s your whole thing to take the Moduli I’m showing right It’s not doing it on camera and then

Reassembly is a little bit easier than To take out check no magazine safety Thank you very much and that takes us to How does it shoot that was your features Review well let’s start off with Accuracy I would say it’s very accurate Again getting back to barrel quality This is at 10 yards Standing today we’ll see the footage With my backup camera which is not great My other one have all types of crap in The lens and I had to send it back for Service a 210 dollar bill by the way yep Windy deserts get stuff in the lens Element can only be serviced by Sony Bummer I won’t have a normal camera for A couple weeks I want to buy an online Yet there’s a nice group really nice Group there that’s set two or three and Maybe two shots thought it was three Three shots visit 10 yards this is an Eight-yard so that’s good here’s Jacketed hollow point I think I had one 24 grain coming out of here it’s not a Great group I think I can’t really Remember if that was me or not it might Have been but I was kind of surprised That my group wasn’t quite as good now These are plus P rounds if I remember Right a little more velocity but Generally when I choose at the jacket Hall point they do at least as good as F And J if not better these are all Fiocchi there’s 115 115 and that’s not a

Great group for this but that’s all my Shave either I think the gun is extremely accurate as Accurate as Glock as any of the others I’d bring to the table again barrel Quality cool other than that reliability Was 100% not counting the failures to Lock open on anti Mac but I don’t I Don’t really say that the reliability Problem it’s kind of a nuisance to me Come on reliability I in some ways I Agree with that one commenter so I don’t Know No I’m not going to condemn a pistol Because I’ve had it happen with SIG’s With clocks with vaulters 100% though we Talked about how much time beretta spent In developing this No kidding this by the way is the box That comes in here’s the serial number Review for that fancy project available At Gunny With a certificate if you care that’s a Good price by the way that’s a lot of Value $4.99 you get two magazines for Basically a combat-ready polymer frame Beretta yes they should have come out With this you know 20 years ago I agree With a commenter he’s absolutely right They should what took him so long the MHS I mean why wait you should have been Competing with the Glock You know 1990s took forever so you get Some really good bore brushes actually

All my rod just like the Glock unneeded Trigger safety of course and here’s your Back straps did he care in the case Totally worth it great track record even With steel cased ammunition it was 100% I liked some other ones we brought to Table not so much options sky’s the Limit dudes you know this there’s so Many great pistols out there block is Always really at the top of my list Still for so many reasons its Lightweight super reliable very Established tons of accessories lots of Holsters I think eventually the Beretta Apx will kind of get to that level it’s Going to take some time though and a lot Of people buying it and adopting it and There was another comment that I read And I didn’t fail to print it out but The guy was on point when he said hey It’s a good pistol but what does it do Differently than a Glock and dude you’re Right it doesn’t it’s not any more Accurate it’s not any lighter and in Fact it’s heavier to me it’s not any More organ Amin Doesn’t have more rounds it might be a Less expensive depend on which Glock Model you get um so I don’t think it Breaks any new ground on any of those And I’m not going to sit here on Tabletop and say that it does just Because it’s new I want that being said It’s competent its competent it does a

Lot of things well it’s accurate its Reliable it is ergonomic and it’s so What it’s doing is coming out and Meeting a standard a very competent Standard and that is to be Added and congratulations to beretta I’m Sure they put a lot of money into the Development of this gun I have no doubt In my mind which brings me to the last Point would I buy it that’s what we’re Talking about and it really is a mixed Bag for me would I buy it because I kind Of go back to what does it do Differently than other guns and do and This is the main thing is do I do and I’m pretending I’m not a reviewer that I’m just dude as a reviewer I have a Bunch of different systems I have to but If I’m a non reviewer and I have a Glock System a SIG’s system maybe a canik tp9 System the answer is no I wouldn’t buy It because now I have a whole different Set of magazines whole different set of Holsters and it just doesn’t make sense To me unless I’m a combat hand gun Collector dig then maybe I would maybe I Went right now the answer is no I Wouldn’t I’m not saying I hate it I Think it’s great pistol but would I go Out spend $500 on it now I may spend $400 on a tp9 and a half that’s a great Guy and it did this one excites me a Little bit more now and it just does I Just like how it shoots better I like

It’s a goes it’s looks and it comes Coated the tp9 is such a great gun so is The beretta EPX but guys are going to Ask and I’m just totally honest and Truthful so that’s why I’m standing now Subject to change that being said what I Think a px would be usually successful Four beretta I think it’s an established a fan base And rightly so because it is a great gun Review complete thanks for comments and I might do that again so raw footage and Then the tabletop tell me in comments if You like that process and if you watch Both that’s the key really out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] You

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