ASA Waters Model 1836 Single Shot Pistol

This pistol whistles Dixie! It has a southern conversion, it has the Drum Conversion with a Kentucky Rifle Style hammer. The original ram rod was lost in the period. You can still see the cartouche marks on the back of the gun, as well as, the inspector marks on the barrel. The main hammer spring is weak. This gun was hard used by a good Ole Southern Boy. If you would like an appraisal contact Steve directly at

Welcome to the civil war collectible Channel my name is Steve Munson and I am The Civil War guru in the date we have In here for evaluation is a single-shot Marshall pistol this particular pistol Started this life out as a flintlock Pistol this pistol was made by ASA Waters and company of mill buried Massachusetts and they made between 1836 And the 1840s they produced about 20,000 Of these pieces at a cost of about $9 Each this particular gun is a 54 caliber And it has an 8 and 1/2 inch barrel now Let’s get down to some facts on the gun It originally started its life out as a Flintlock and as you can see now it is Converted and if you look forward on the Gun you’ll see a little low gear and Originally that heavy hinged ramrod and These things got converted when the Civil War came into effect there were Thousands of these things in the Armory’s in the south and then when the South took over the federal armies in The south they set up production to Convert these from flintlock to Percussion if you look at the lock on This particular gun this was marked it Would have ace of waters here you’d have A day here when he redid these they took Off the name there’s totally the board Of a name in the day this particular one Has 80 stamped on it if you look at the Hammer that’s not a military hammer

That’s a Kentucky rifle hammer look at The engraving on it the conversion Itself from flintlock to percussion in The south the most simplistic way to Convert it was called the drum Conversion and what they did they Drilled out the barrel threaded it and They screwed that drum in there with the Nipple and they’re ready to go It made for a simple conversion and it Was done relatively fast Again used in the field somewhere in his Life it has a swivel ramrod at the Beginning that now has the wooden ramrod These particular guns here were the Workhorse of the Confederacy they were Single-shot the calvary started out with Him They issued him to just about anybody That could carry a single-shot pistol They were reliable they were Functionable and they were durable and Again this particular gun no question About it it was used in the south and The reason we did this kind of day was Is because this is normally the Configuration you see these guns in They’ll either have a drum conversion Like this particular one and in the North is what they called a cone Conversion and then a cone conversion The nipple acts they would screw it in Top of the barrel here and then use a Different top type of hammer so in the

South this is a style that you’d see This gun was used hard and it was Reliable and on this particular gun We’re going to switch over to the back You’ll see the the inspectors marks Where it was inspected when it was Flintlock and accepted by the federal Government but again we did this Particular gun today because this is the Configuration which I’ve seen most over Men and there are hard use this Particular gun we’re going to put a Value on this gun between six and seven Hundred dollars now if if this gun was In its original front lock configuration You’re looking in the twenty five Hundred dollar range but this is the way You see them 90% these guns got Converted by both the North and the South but mostly in the south and they Were like say they were used and they Were well liked so from the Civil War Gear room have a great day

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