3rd Model .44 Caliber Colt Dragoon Revolver!

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge about the 3rd Model .44 Caliber Colt Dragoon Revolver!

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Shiloh Relax calm I hope you’re having a good Day I hope you’re all healthy and I want To say thank you because yesterday was An important day to me a few weeks ago We started our own YouTube channel That’s something that was very foreign To me knew nothing about it Didn’t want to know anything about it But things were slow and I thought this Will be a way to help promote Shiloh Relax calm and helped me sell a few more Things and feed my family and take care Of everybody that I love you guys have Been tremendous we have 100 subscribers Now in those first couple of days when There was one and then another day a Couple more I didn’t know if I get there Or not but I want to say thank you to Each one of you that’s taking the time To do it I appreciate it and in order to Say thank you I’m very thankful for a Hundred but when we get to a thousand if You’re a registered subscriber on YouTube I’m going to do a drawing and I’m going to give away an original Civil War cavalry saber and hope to figure out By that time If you are in the area I hope to have You come in and do a little segment with Me to introduce you and I want you to Say what you like about the Civil War It’ll be nice and easy Won’t ask you any question that either

You or I don’t know and we’ll have some Fun I hope you guys are well today we’re Going to talk about a big piece of Civil War history and not just the ordinary Gun we’re going to talk about one of the Cult revolvers that is a massive weapon And once a massive over four pounds Worth of firearm in a pistol yep you Heard that right Four pounds in a pistol this is the 44 Caliber Colt revolver that’s known as The Dragoon and they make three Distinctive models of the standard Agreen this is the third they made ten Thousand five hundred of these from 1851 Until 1861 they are a gun Just a big massive gun and they fire a Big massive bullet the their rifled they Come in a variety of barrel lengths the Standard one is like this one this one Has the full-length barrel along the Back of the barrel there’s a flat and it Will have the Colt makers marking and it Has a New York address on the marking That’s not where the guns were made they Were all made in Hartford Connecticut They had the sales office of New York City And you can see this one has the Markings still visible and has a really Neat little rear sight that is a cult Style rear sight they have a stud in the Middle and they have wings on each side That fold up and down not like you’re

Going to be target shooting with this Gun but hey if you want it that’s great Cult like these serial numbers and he Put them on basically all of the parts Of the gun they’ll show up on the frame The back strap the trigger guard the Loading lever on these they have them on The arbor pin inside the cylinder they Will show up on the cylinder and these Have a cylinder seen on most of them and What that is they actually roll a design On the cylinder of the barrel to make it A little bit more appealing these are Almost always very very light and you Can’t see hardly anything on them so This one is like most it’s worn off Because it does wear and it’s not that Deep to begin with when you are looking At these guns there are specific designs That you can tell a first model a second Model or a third model This was the third you can see them from A mile away because on that cylinder They have the little rectangular they’re Called cylinder stops and what that is It’s a position that has a little spring On it and it locks that Cylinder in place so it doesn’t wobble And misfire very important thing the Earlier ones are oval or round these are Rectangular so if you see that third Model another thing on the third model When you see those rectangular cylinder Stops is the trigger guard the trigger

Guard is round the second model has a Squared back to it so two quick things To tell you this is a third model Colt Dragoon they have a one-piece walnut Wood grip this one’s got a really pretty One piece they were varnished from the Factory this one still has some of the Varnish as far as another cult marking That you run across on this is on the Frame and on the frame they’ll have Cults patent and you can tell a military Model from a civilian model because Under cults patent it’ll have the u.s. Marking that’s a quick way to tell Another quick way to tell is that the Brass pieces on these guns the civilian Models are silver but with the military Models they didn’t care about beauty They cared about functionality and that Was another step so in order to get them Out there they did not silver the Military model so that’s a thing you can Look for quickly as well the gun has a Cool little feature if you notice on Some of these not all of them but some Of them on the frame the one of the Screws stands out a little bit it stands Out just a little bit like you can see In this picture and on the bottom of the Grip there’s a little notch cut into it And you’re like what’s that much about It’s for something cool they got the Bright idea that not only could this gun Be used as a pistol they could use it as

A long gun so how do you do that they Made this and it’s actually a shoulder Stock Detachable shoulder stock and the way That work see if I can get this first Trout hey I want to go into show Business you tighten that up now you’re Ready you can actually use it as a Shoulder weapon and there’s various Reports of how well they work they Didn’t do them forever so they might not Have worked as well as they’d hoped and It has a little screw on top of there That tightens the shoulder stock up so It doesn’t get lost the shoulder stocks Are much tougher to find than the guns And they will make a lot of difference On the value of the gun the Colt dagoon The third model is one of the larger Productions they’re a neat gun they’re Cool from all over and but do you notice This gun is pointed this way then all of My guns I check them out I treat every Gun as if it’s loaded and that’s Something you need to do I meant to Mention that in the earlier part of the Segment always treat guns with respect Every gun is loaded even if you know It’s not treated as it is and if you Here we’re having some improvements to World headquarters of shiloh relics calm So if you hear a little banging it’s not Murder Hornets it is my contractors They’re fixing a few things that have

Gone around but back to the guns they’re Wonderful guns they’ll usually start About $3,000 they can run into with the Shoulder stocks tens of thousands if you Go on to shiloh relics calm you can see This cult Colts I love so I’ve got Several on there a lot of variations get A chance to check them out if you have Something that you would like to see me Talk about I will be glad to if I can And just let me know I want to say thank You again for all of you that watch These videos I want to say thank you my Family that is always supportive of me And the luckiest man in the world I have Four beautiful daughters that are so Wonderful and I’m so thankful for them I’ve got a grandson I have a young lady That is so kind to me and I am very Fortunate for her and I hope that you Guys have a wonderful day I hope when you get a chance that you Treat someone with kindness we made a Trip yesterday to pick up some relics And I saw so many people that had the Masks and if you didn’t even have the Masks you had the fear in your eye if we Hang in there they’re gonna come to some Kind of things to help the virus if not Cure it it’s going to be all right but It’s only gonna be all right if we stay Together if we make some smart choices If we care about each other if we love Each other and I hope you know that you

Are loved and I hope that y’all have a Wonderful day and I’ll catch you next Time thank you


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