1867 Spencer Carbine “Presentation Model”

1867 Spencer Carbine, possible presentation model with silver enlay. If you are interested in purchasing or have a question contact Steve directly at stevemnsn@yahoo.com or visit http://www.civilwarnmore.com

Welcome to the civil war collectible Channel my name is Steve Munson and I am The Civil War guru in the day In here for evaluation is a real Wonderful Spencer carbine and this is Not just any Spencer carbine this looks Like a presentation carbine it is fully Engraved it has silver wiring ladies so Let’s just talk about Spencer’s for a While Spencer’s became famous in the Civil War It was one of the top carvings for the Cavalry it was a seven shot and feeds Through the rear stock and we’ll pull That out at two bucks you can see how it Was loaded it has a 20 inch barrel the Overall length was 37 inches and weighed Roughly eight and a half pounds and These things were the workhorse of the Cavalry and they were reliable and the Confederates used to say they’d start Shooting on Monday and they could shoot Through Sunday because they were Repeater so this was a highly desirable Carbine in the Civil War and then when The war was concluded Spencer was Sitting there and they’re saying to Themselves what are we gonna do there’s No war we’re sitting here with tons of Parts so they look for different markets To go to so in 1867 they landed a Contract with the French government and It was roughly for ten or twelve Thousand carvings and so this is where

We come here to date with this Particular carving at the end of the war They use existing parts in this Particular barrel and the cameraman get It close it’s still dated on top 1865 This has the 1867 modifications as far As their caulking and in the hammer and All the little updates that they put in It so this is a rare model 1867 Spencer Carbine and the range on the sixty-seven Carbine is from 90,000 103,000 and again most of those nearly All of them into France and at one Particular contract Now this particular gun is unusual it Has the burl walnut stock again present Rate pick presentation break the Receivers engrave the hammers and grain Every every piece of nylon this has Engraved on it so this particular gun Was made for a presentation piece or a Gift for somebody according to the Bible Book of Spencer’s that was written by Roy Marcotte there’s three or four of These in existence and from examining His book they’re all very similar and There’s two a muscle that has the the Wire inlays so this gun was made for a Gift a trophy it’s a wonderful piece of History and it’s just unheard of that Have an engraved Spencer carbine so this Is going to ratchet the value on it and The value on this particular Spencer There’s one for sale of the existing

Ones and I’ve seen where a gentleman has It for sale one is listed in the book he Wants in a twenty thousand dollar range For it and being conservative we’re Going to list this gun between fifteen And sixteen thousand dollars as far as Value this is a wonderful piece of American history it’s a beautiful piece Of collectability here with its walnut Stock and it’s engraved receiver and the Wiring light so this truly could be a Pinnacle of anybody’s collection Especially if you’re collecting Spencer’s so from the old Civil War good Road have a great day


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