1860 Patent Moore “Seven Shooter” Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about 1860 Patent Moore ”Seven Shooter” Revolver

Hey you guys this is Ray PL from Shiloh Relics calm I hope you’re all having a Great day I’m thankful to get to be with You guys again I hope you all know how Much I appreciate you taking time to Watch these videos I enjoy them because Most of the time I’m sitting here in the Office and just typing them up it’s a Lot more fun for me to get to explain Them to you individually and show you What I think is neat about a certain Piece so it – today we’re going to talk About one that has neat all over it this Gun is made by a company in Brooklyn New York they were made from 1861 only until 1863 so you don’t have to worry about Them being made after the war they made Between 5000 and 8000 of them there’s Not specific serial numbers like with a Colt where you can say exactly when they Were made or how many were made it’s Known to collectors as the 32 caliber Rimfire more patented revolver always Like calling them a 7 shooter they’re One of the few guns that fire actually Seven shots most of them are six-shot Revolvers some of them five shot this Was a seven shooter It not only fires seven rimfire Cartridges it has one of the coolest Ways to load of any gun that you’ll see The frame on this gun is made of brass And the brass was silver washed they’re All really pretty really pretty

They are very nicely engraved if you Notice the engraving is on the frame It’s on the back strap it’s on the grip They really made these as an attractive Gun and that’s why you see a lot of them That have presentations and Identification to well-to-do Union Officers had one of these one time From one of the guys that fought at Little Round Top that Gettysburg so they Were used by those guys that had a Pocketful of buddy because they were Beautiful they’re neat if you notice on The back side of that brass frame There’s a little knob and if you push That knob it allows the it has to be Cocked to half position you push that Button and it slides in the whole frame Sideways it’s easier to see in this but It slides the whole thing sideways Barrel and everything goes to the side For loading which is pretty neat and This one works well it decided he just Didn’t want to go back into position so Sometimes that happens and that is why You don’t mess with the mechanics a lot Of the times but it’s back in order old Guns sometimes they get grease built up In them and they just don’t want to Cooperate that’s why you should never Shoot them in my opinion I enjoy them Just as a display piece Some people shoot them it’s not worth Taking a chance on in my opinion they

Show up in three different versions of Barrel length that 32 caliber barrel Shows up in a four inch a five inch in a Six inch 6 inch is a lot more scarce Most of the time it’s the four and the Five this one across the top of the Barrel you can see this marking its Martin D Moore’s patent September 18th 1860 there’s one thing to look for more Got sued by Smith & Wesson because Smith & Wesson held the patent for a bore Through cylinder these guns fired that Kind of cartridge Smith & Wesson was Very protective of because it was their Livelihood holding that patent so they Sued all these small makers that made These they sued more for this one so the Last of the guns this is something to Neat to look for if you’ll see some that Have that mark some of them will also Have one it’s Is manufactured for Smith & Wesson by Moore they actually had to mark them Because they were getting paid that Royalty on those later ones those are Tougher to find they’ll usually bring About a third more give or take a little Bit but you don’t see them as often this One I’m not on the underside of the Barrel it has a small rod that is most Of the time missing they are for Ejecting the cartridges once it’s fired If it hangs up and you can’t get it out This is for pushing that cartridge out

Of the barrel there’s a little spring in The back that holds it in place but Those get lost really easily so most of The time they’re replaced like this one It just happens so most of the time you See the replaced ejector rod that’s There it’ll bring a little bit more Because it’s a little out of the Ordinary to have the original one the Grips on the gun one piece walnut wood Varnished wood very pretty the whole Thing about this gun is nice they’re Just neat design neat size a lot of Well-to-do Union soldiers carry them I’ve always liked them I’ve had some Really cool ones I have one one time That was identified to a guy that fought From Florida so they did gets used some In the south not as much but some the Guns are just cool guns you see them Occasionally I happen to have just Gotten this one it’s on the site you can Go in there you can look at it you can Learn about it you can own it you can Show it to your friends and tell them You’ve got an original seven shooter I Bet they don’t have a seven shooter but You can and you could do it today as of The time of this video it’s on the Website and it’s available there’s also Dozens of other pistols lots of Different styles and I want you to know That I appreciate you taking time to Look through that website hopefully find

Something that you fall in love with Because that better I wouldn’t about it Love what I do I love that I get to be With you guys I hope that you guys are Safe I hope that you’re healthy I hope That when you get that chance that you Are kind I know with with all the things Going on now it’s easy God it’s easy to Fall in that rut of I don’t like that And I’m angry and I want to lash out I Don’t know how to lash out and it’s hard Not to but remember you’ve got to still Use some common sense you need to be Kind of people you need to give people The benefit of the doubt and you need to Stand up for what is right it’s not Black it’s not white it’s not anything Else it’s right over wrong and if you Never hear anything else I say remember Be kind and do what’s right if you have To worry because somebody is watching You do it there’s something wrong with It and you shouldn’t be doing it I love You guys I’ll catch you next time and Remember I’m very thankful for what I do Very thankful for my family and I’m very Thankful for you have a great day bye Bye


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