1859 Patent Pepperbox Revolver made by Christian Sharps of Philadelphia

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about the 1859 Patent Pepperbox Revolver made by Christian Sharps of Philadelphia

Hey guys this is ray field from shiloh Relics.com And i am so thankful to get to be with You guys again today We are having i’ve said it i said it the Other day this has been the best month Of relic sales that i have ever had And i could not have done it without you Guys because you guys have ordered the Pieces you’ve seen on here You’ve shared those videos you’ve told Friends about it and Man i have been busy as a one-legged Paper hanger you always hear about But i am so thankful uh today we’re Going to talk about A little bitty piece with a whole lot of Coolness Uh here lately i’ve been doing guns and Swords and big things and They uh take up a lot of space this one Is little but it’s cool there was a cat That we often hear about matter of fact One of the last videos i did was on Christian sharps And sharps is best known for that Carbine that he made Then the carbines and the rifles that Bears his Name the sharps rifle sharps carbine but He Also made a little gun a Neat little gun too he made what is Known

They were commonly referred to as a Pepper box revolver Because there were guns earlier on that Was made by alan thurber allen and Wheelock That had a big barrel cluster that Rotated that looked like a pepper Uh dispenser and hence they got the name Pepper box meaning Uh a smaller gun that fired multiple Uh cartridges and they had The cylinder that rotated christian Sharp says hmm That’s a lot of extra work we could do The same thing If we just had a way to rotate the Hammer He didn’t get the hammer to rotate but On the hammer He actually put a little device like This that when you cocked the hammer Back That rotated and it would strike the Different cylinders The sharps pepper box has four cylinders Two on top of each other And their various calibers you’ll see Them in 22 caliber you’ll see them in 30 Caliber and you’ll see them in 32 Caliber In short and long cartridges they Look basically the same on the sharps Ones There is a iron frame version that’s

Made by sharps and hankins a little bit Different variations generally a little Bit Bigger but we’re going to talk about These today Because they are neat they’ve got A brass frame on almost all of them The brass uh is usually Uh got the silver on it but it’s Prettier it’s one of the few pieces that The more if it’s got some wear it looks Prettier in my opinion Because that silver wears off they used A Brass that a lot of times will have this Kind of patina like a dark honey patina And it’s just really pretty to me when All that silver’s gone and you’ve got That base metal there Because it’s pretty on both sides of the Frame you got this on one side Which says uh uh c Sharps philadelphia pennsylvania and on The other side it says c Sharps uh patented 1859. 59 is an important year for these little Guns because that’s not only When he got the patent for it the first Year he made it he made these up until 1874. They made a lot of them because they Were very popular very affordable Good little guns and they in flagerman’s Guide he mentions that they made

Many thousands that’s his way of Politely saying a buttload Even though they made a buttload of These people like them because They’ve got that flavor they’ve got Really just a pretty look They actually before i forget it they Make them in a lot of fancy variations But you don’t see them very often i’ve Had them with ivory grips I’ve had them with gold plating instead Of the silver plating I’ve had them with gold inlay on the Barrel They’re a neat thing if you can find Those little odd variations they’re Expensive when you find them because A lot of people collect them and you Don’t see those weird ones very Often uh but the basic one has the brass Frame The barrel cluster uh is blue Uh factory blue this one actually has a Lot of the blue like that And they uh the early ones have a little Button on the side that you push down And the barrels will slide forward for Loading the Standard model though like this one the Lever the button is on the underside Like this you push that up And the whole cluster moves forward that Way you can load your cartridges And be ready to fire cocking back that

Hammer it rotates the uh Striker like this most of the time that Striker breaks because there’s a lot Going on In that little bitty space so uh there Are guys out there that can restore Those and get them working again and god Bless them because they do Help and it’s one of those things it’s a Neat thing to show your friends how that Striker will rotate as you [ __ ] it back And release the hammer Serial numbers they’re not quite serial Numbers on these they’re more like batch Numbers If you notice there are Serial numbers on the underside of the Grip like this And while we’ve got that barrel forward They’re also stamped Underneath the barrel cluster like this So a couple places for the serial Numbers As far as the grips I mentioned some ivory grips they’re Rare most of the time they would use one Of two versions they’d either use simple Plain grips Made of wood or they used something that Was very popular during the time Gutta-percha We’ve talked about good aperture on Other things gutta-percha is an early Thermoplastic

Uh goodyear got the patent For their thermoplastic in 1851 And they made a lot of things out of it During the civil war and later But this one it’s quite pretty as you Can see it’s got a lot of character It works the mainspring on it is a Little bit weak But it does rotate everything and that Just happens a lot of times they Uh it’s 150 years old the fact that it Works is amazing And so go to shilohrucks.com you check That out Uh today we’ve got uh something Important coming up this weekend It’s going to be father’s day and those Of you that know me I’m the luckiest kind of world i’ve got The best dad in the world there has Never been a day in my life that i Haven’t known i was loved And i was told my dad uh he’s a man’s Man he worked Cutting trees power company worked hard He’s a But there wasn’t a day in my life that When we went to bed we didn’t say i love You And i am so grateful because i i didn’t Realize that that didn’t happen all the Time Uh my dad was never afraid to tell me or Anybody else that if he loved him he

Loved them And that has made a big influence on me And that’s why i tell you guys almost Every video hopefully every video That i love you and i appreciate all That you do and i appreciate you guys That are Working to make this world a better Place uh so but Hi pop i love you with all my heart and I am the luckiest guy in the world to Get to call you my dad If there’s anybody in the free world i Could call my dad i wouldn’t want it to Be anybody but you Uh i hope you guys are doing well and That brings me to another point I talked to a dear friend of mine the Other day and Uh it’s he’s the same age as my dad Uh but he never had any biologic Biological children And uh and that brings me to my point if If there is somebody out there that that You know that Never had children a lot of folks it Just ain’t right for them they don’t If for one reason or another it just Doesn’t hit but if you know somebody That Uh is a good person and does their best And they didn’t have children call and Tell them happy father’s day you ain’t Gotta be your dad to say happy father’s

Day It’s a generic term and you can use it Anytime you want to because i will be Calling him and a couple of other Friends of mine that have been very Influential in my life And i’m lucky to have the dad i got but There were three or four guys in my life That I would have been proud to have called At uh so Take a chance take it take a chance help Take a second And a chance take a second chance and Call somebody and tell them happy Father’s day because uh That’s a hard day in case uh i can Imagine that it would be a hard day If you didn’t have somebody calling and Saying happy father’s day Uh i am very fortunate i am very Fortunate for each one of you that take Time to watch these To to share them uh you’ve been a Blessing in my life and i do not take it For granted Hope you guys are well i hope you have The best father’s day ever If you’re a mother i hope you had a good Mother’s day and Uh i’m gonna let you go cause i’m gonna Go Finish up here and i’m gonna go home and See my daughters best thing in my life i

Love them They’re crazy but i love them i’ll catch You next time i love y’all


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