1843 Dated Model 1835/40 Rifled Musket by L. Pomeroy

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about the 1843 Dated Model 1835/40 Rifled Musket by L. Pomeroy

Hey you guys this is rafael i hope You’re all doing well hope everything’s Going in your direction because you Deserve it And i think you deserve it because i’ve Got faith in you and because you’re cool Enough to be watching this today Today we’re going to talk about one of The prettiest guns i’ve had in a long Time And it’s actually a very rare gun this One is Often misidentified a lot of people just Call them an 1816 model musk It’s not this one is the one that is Technically known As the us model 1840 The which again Doesn’t make a lot of sense because the Design was officially adopted In 1835 so a lot of times you’ll hear Them called 1835 models 1840 models or 1835-40 models Whatever they are they’re neat guns they Are actually started out as flintlocks And it’s the last flintlock that the u.s Government Accepted the model after this They started using percussion guns Instead of flintlocks These guns were made three places Springfield armory And springfield mass they were also made

Uh By mips n-i-p-p-e-s And this one this one was made in Pittsfield massachusetts By l pomeroy and most always his guns Will be marked L pomeroy because he was lemuel Lemuel we don’t have that name down here Very much so i try to say it right But like raphael most people Mispronounce it L-e-m-u-e-l lemuel uh Pomeroy and it’ll have his marking and a Real pretty union eagle In front of the hammer like this behind The hammer We have the uh us mark In the 1843 production date These guns originally made as flint They were taken back in later on And switched to percussion very few of Them were done that way they only made 7 000 of these At pomeroy to begin with so they took it Back in This one was converted to percussion but What is extra extra cool about it Is that it was rifled and We there was only a handful of those Done we can tell it from a mile away Because at the breach of the barrel They’ve got this the long range rear Sight that tells us right off the bat Rifle gun instead of a standard uh

Smooth bore These when they came out of splint they Were originally smoothbore fired a Smooth musket ball these were designed To fire the rifled What’s often referred to as a mini ball Uh Or a monae ball because they’re named After The cat in france that came up is Credited with the original design The another quick way to tell that it’s Rifle If you have this site missing you can Tell by the ramrod if the ram rod is Original the gun See how it’s cupped on the end and That’s to put on the top of the Uh 69 caliber bullet because the bullet Looked like this This one it’s beautiful most of the guns That That i sell are all i like them where They’re heavily worn Where you can tell they saw the elephant This one is one of those It’s a keeper it’s one of those that’s In great shape One to ten it’s gonna be a nine at least It’s got the full length barrel original Rear sight intact Every marking at the breach you can see It’s got the uh The us it’s got the jh and that jh

Stands for john hawkins he’s a guy that Approved the barrel so it could be used Uh he said it was good enough quality For the government to use it’s got the p And this is called a sunken p just Because the die goes in it looks like It’s sunken around the letter p This one has the production date of the Barrel itself As 1842 and you see those dates where They don’t Always hit the exact same date because They take these into the arsenal they’re Rifling them as long as it fits as long As it works They weren’t looking at the date of then Because as in the past they were looking At the day Now to get this thing rifled make it More deadly make it more accurate Make it more the weapon that they wanted It to be This one jumps out at you because of the Quality of the metal And because of the quality of the stock Look at that stock i mean it’s just It’s beautiful on the flat opposite of The lock plate We have two cartouches the first one is W-a-t And that’s one you see fairly often That’s william a thornton And he approved the gun and there’s a Second one that approved it as well

Nwp and you see his a lot too that’s Nahum patch n-a-h-u-m Patch and he inspected a lot of pistols Uh some muskets Quite a few things uh The guns themselves only made them from 1840 to 1846 They made the 7 000 i was talking to you About that’s not many So you got to keep in mind this is a Rare gun to start with These guns almost all got converted So if you see one in original flint That’s original It’s worth a lot of money because most Of them when they made these They were almost obsolete by the time They made them so they took them In and switched them over to the Percussion The original flint tough to find and it It can bring Multiples of what these can bring uh These guns were important that model 3540 whatever you want to call it Last flintlock that the u.s government Bought Another way to tell if it’s a 35 40. the nose caps different than the Model 1816 and that’s the piece that’s On the end of the gun That holds the stock onto the barrel This one’s Beautiful go on the website i took a lot

Of pictures of it because it’s pretty i Like looking at it i thought you might Too There’s pictures from every angle i try To give you every angle so when you buy Something from me you know what you’re Getting Because i don’t have time to do return So i figure If i show you every blemish everything On a gun you know exactly what you’re Getting and there’s no surprises And i appreciate you guys because it Makes me feel good when i hear people Say That looks even better in the pictures i Appreciate you doing that for me And i try they that’s what they’re gonna Put on my tombstone His d.a tried um it’s actually in my Will that that has to be put on my Tombstone I hope you guys are doing well hope Everything’s going your way This one’s going to be a nice short Simple one I want you to take a chance and Be kind to somebody that you Might not particularly care for i was in The restaurant today And sometimes my trigger just slips and I said something to some rude people That i shouldn’t have said I i held i pull up in the parking lot

My daughter and i are walking in these People they pull up And four of them jump out they run and I didn’t know their situation i should Have thought more about somebody else Than me But i hold the door for him one of the Four said thank you Or i think he said thank you he mumbled Something that The optimist in me wanted to believe was Thank you And so we go in and the lady that works There comes up to Seat us of course they jump in front of Us and i just call them something that i Shouldn’t have called them It was not sometimes i ought to just Keep my mouth shut But if you watch these videos you know That’s not easy and not opt-in Uh uh doesn’t happen all the time and The guy turns around he says we didn’t Mean to cut in front of you and I had my mask on and i grinned and went Like that But yeah he did and he was they were the Butt heads but i was I let them be a butt head make me be a Butthead And so if they by chance happened to Watch his video i’m sorry that i was a Butt head I should not have gotten provoked but we

All do at times But i ramble sometimes I hope that we give folks the benefit of The doubt they might have been having a Bad day And i was having a good day and it Chapped my butt i just have i’ve stood On it all afternoon And that ain’t gonna do anybody any good In the world and i don’t want to be that Guy that lets stuff eat him up I try to let it go and i hope you do too Give people the benefit of the doubt Hold that door even if they don’t say it Because somebody needs to be kind to Somebody and you can make the difference I love you guys and i’ll catch you next Time


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