11mm Devisme Cartridge Revolver


Devisme of Paris was one of the early manufacturers of a true centerfire cartridge revolver, with production of this model beginning in 1858 or 1859. This is a bottom-break 11mm, 6-shot revolver, made to a very high standard of quality. Devisme also made a variety of other guns, including indoor parlor pistols, percussion guns, and dueling-style pistols.

Hi guys thanks for tuning in to another Video on Forgotten weapons comm I’m Ian I am here today at the Rock Island Auction company I’m taking a look at Some of the guns like this one that They’re going to be selling in their Upcoming April of 2016 premiere auction And I thought this would be a cool one To take a look at because it is a very Rare example of a 1850s centerfire Pistol the centerfire technology was out There at that point wasn’t all that Common yet but there were people making Centerfire guns now this is an 11 Millimeter Devine revolver it was Manufactured by Jean Louie from SWAT Team of Parris and this is his model of Either 1858 or 1859 depending on who you Read now Devine ran a pretty high-end Shop in Paris he manufactured or sold Not just guns but also swords and a few Other things I believe and maintained a Fairly well heeled clientele for those Of us in the US it’s interesting to note That davines clientele did include a Number of high high-ranking Confederate Officers and officials including general Robert e lee and jefferson davis the President of the Confederacy Devine was One of those European folks who was in Support of the Confederacy against the Union there’s a lot of that at any rate He made a wide variety of different guns Actually made indoor parlor pistols for

Flo bear-type little rimfire cartridges Made fancy sets of dueling pistols made Revolvers like this one and also made Percussion revolvers prior to this one In fact it’s notable that he has in 1854 Or 1855 pattern of gun which is Basically identical to this one except That it is a percussion gun then in 1858 Or 59 when the center fire technology Becomes available well he starts making That same revolver but made for center Fire in fact you’ll also occasionally Apparently find the percussion guns Converted to Center fire Interesting in fact my understanding is That was a fairly elaborate conversion They wanted to leave the diameter of the Cylinder intact so they actually relined The barrels Make them slightly smaller in diameter So that you could have a brass case in The same chamber that used to fit a full Diameter led projectile anyway I’m Getting ahead of myself here why don’t We come back here and take a closer look At this particular gun and see how it Works because it’s pretty neat all right So we have a six-shot revolver here this Is commonly referred to as a 11 Millimeter devine although I believe the Bore diameter is actually technically Like 10.8 millimeter this is a Proprietary cartridge for the gun it is A single action gun we have a very big

Obvious hammer [ __ ] bat you can hear It’s a very definite solid spring and Sear in there and then when you pull the Trigger Boom fires the gun pretty simple right There have our ejector rod although You’ll notice the ejector rod is lined Up right in the center in order to use It you have to take this tab and pull it Over 90 degrees what’s really pretty Cool there is that this is actually done With a series of gear teeth you know Most most gun designers at the time Would have just had kind of a Spring-loaded thing and pull it to the Side No Devine was a perfectionist I think And he stuck a series of cog teeth and Notches into the ejector rod housing in This tab so that it’s mechanically Pushed over to the side now at the same Time pushing this lever over unlocks the Action and we see we have a bottom brake Instead of a top brake revolver here it Pivots down just this much there’s a Mechanical stop that holds it there and This t-shaped tab is what actually locks The frame together you can see that it Goes into this recess and then when we Close the cylinder it rotates that tab 90 degrees and that locks the whole System shut now once you’ve got the gun Open the ejector rod is pivoted over to Where it can actually be used we can

Then rotate it into line and eject the Empty cases and load new ones and when You’re all done pivot this back together Lock it in place and you’re ready to go Again One other neat and kind of unusual Feature here is that if you look right Inside there you’ll see a little leaf Spring pressing on the cylinder I put This in half [ __ ] that spring actually Acts to prevent it just drags on the Cylinder prevents it from spinning Quickly which ensures that when you [ __ ] The gun for example you’re only going to Actually rotate through one position It’s an interesting idea to have a Spring like that in there to just hold Everything kind of tight and snug these Guns were available in this 10.8 or Eleven millimeter caliber they were also Made in nine millimeter and they may Have been available in seven millimeter I found some pretty vague references to That but that may be the case they did Apparently see at least a little bit of Use in the American Civil War now these Were put into manufacture no later than 1859 and so that’s kind of a no-brainer That at least a few people would have Had these in in the United States at That time here’s our marking on the Barrel devine Aparri And it’s interesting that on all of Davines guns you’ll find his marking

Pretty big and blatant and fancy he Wasn’t one to have this little blocky Stamp now all his stuff was hand Engraved I said this was a pretty High-end fancy gun manufacturer these Were all pretty much custom made guns I Expect and you’ll find them in a wide Variety of different styles one of the More common ones you’ll find of the Centerfire type actually has big open Fluted chambers kind of like a Colt House revolver it’s an interesting look Frankly I think this one looks a little Better but there you go One devine revolver well thank you for Watching guys I hope you enjoyed the Video it’s a very rare pistol here to Take a look at and frankly one that’s Kind of significantly ahead of its time They’re nice guns if you’d like to own This one yourself You have an opportunity to do so because This is an auction house that I mount And everything comes up for sale if you Take a look at the description text Below you’ll find a link to the Rock Island company’s catalog page on this Gun I can take a look at their pictures Description and if you decide you just Can’t live without this can place a bid Right there through the website thanks For watching


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